Dr. Nano Nitro Gas Shock Absorbers For Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5 Door 2023 India


Body Size: 54mm
Piston Rod Size: 16mm
Bore Size: 35mm
Warranty: 2 years


Dr. Nano Nitro Gas Shock Absorbers are a type of suspension system that uses nitrogen gas to reduce shock fade and improve ride quality. They are designed for passenger cars and off-road vehicles that need a smooth and stable ride on any terrain.


  • They are filled with high-quality hi-temperature shock absorber oil and low-pressure nitrogen gas to pressurize the oil and prevent oil aeration.
  • They have a twin-tube design with larger bodies, larger bores and increased valving performance to enhance vehicle handling and control.
  • They have multi-stage velocity sensitive valving to ensure the shock absorbers can adapt to different speeds and conditions.
  • They have longer shock absorbers for more wheel travel, firmer valving for a more controlled ride and a larger body with increased oil capacity for cooler operation than the original vehicle shock absorbers.

Additional information

Body Size:


Piston Rod Size:


Bore Size:



2 years 


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